Meet Skalar at Brau-Beviale 2012

Skalar will participate at  Brau-beviale 2012 from November 13th-15th in Nurnberg, Germany.

We will be very pleased to meet  you and demonstrate the value of Skalar's Beer & Malt analyzer.

The San++ Beer & Malt analyzer offers full automation for various parameters in the analysis of Beer and Malt. Applications such as Bitterness, ß-Glucan, Total Sulfur Dioxide, and Free Amino Nitrogen in beer, as well as the enzyme determinations in malt, such as Diastatic Power and Alpha Amylase are all easily automated. This results in a higher sample throughput with reduced analysis time. A faster and more accurate quality control feedback provides optimum production control which helps to assure a high quality of the raw and fi nal product.

Over the years a large library of specific methods has been developed complying with world-wide guidelines such as ASBC, EBC and Mebak.

Available Beer & Malt applications:

Acetaldehyde Total Reducing Sugars
Free Amino Nitrogen Diastatic Power
α – Amylase Ethanol
Viscosity β- Glucan
Anthocyanogen pH
Bitterness Nitrate + Nitrite
Carbohydrates Soluble Protein
Carbon dioxide Polyphenols
Color Sulphur dioxide
Density Thiobarbituric acid value

Visit the  Skalar booth: Hall 4, number 140 or contact Skalar directly.

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