On-line analyzers for cobalt analysis in zinc sulfate production

One of the world leaders for zinc production has implemented several Skalar on-line analyzers during the last couple of years for the continuous monitoring of the zinc sulfate production.

The production process of zinc sulfate for electrolysis has to be monitored continuously to avoid contamination of other components, like cobalt. The continuous monitoring of the process was desired to avoid intervention of laboratory personnel to take samples for laboratory testing. The implementation of the Skalar analyzers resulted in much faster and more reliable results on a continuous basis and increased the production capacity with less contamination. The zinc sulfate solution, which is measured in the production process, is in-line cooled down and diluted before it is provided to the Skalar on-line analyzers, to prevent the zinc sulfate solution to crystallize within the analyzer. During sample analysis the results are automatically transferred on a continuous basis to the process control. Future plans are to implement the Skalar on-line Analyzers not only in the process monitoring, but also in the production segment to regulate the reagent additives which will result in a more cost-effective production.

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