Upcoming exhibitions September - November 2012

In the autumn of 2012 Skalar will attend a number of major exhibitions and conferences around the world. We will be pleased  to welcome you and demonstrate Skalar’s latest  innovations in Wet chemistry automation, TOC & TN and Robotic analyzers at one of the following exhibitions:

JASIS (former JAIMA) September 5-7

Booth No. 8A-601
Makuhari Messe, Japan

On display will be:

⇒Skalar’s San++ continuous flow analyzer together with autosampler designated for Total Cyanide and Total Phenol analysis (incl. automated distillation).

Water and Wastewater Fair September 18-20

Booth No. B07-70
Gothenburg, Sweden

The following analyzers will be showed:

⇒The San++  segmented flow analyzer configured for Total Nitrogen/Phosphate and  MBAS including autosampler  

⇒SP10  BOD analyzer

HET Instrument September 25-28

Booth No. 1A -142
Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands

The following products will be presented:

⇒SAN++ continuous flow analyzer

⇒The TOC/TN analyzer range with a  stand-alone auto sampler and additional Nitrogen Detector.

⇒One of the SPseries robotic analyzers 

BrauBeviale November 13-15

Booth No. hall 4 -140
Nurnberg, Germany

⇒The San++ beer analyzer full automation for various parameters in the analysis of Beer and Malt.

Applications such as Bitterness, ß-Glucan, Total Sulfur Dioxide, and Free Amino Nitrogen in beer, as well as the enzyme determinations in malt, such as Diastatic Power and Alpha Amylase are all easily automated.