Upcoming exhibitions September - October 2011

Skalar will attend a number of major exhibitions around the world. We will be pleased to welcome you and demonstrate Skalar"s latest innovations in wet chemistry automation, TOC & TN and Robotic analyzers at one of the following exhibitions:

Analitica Septe​mber 20-22

Booth No. 140, Sao Paulo, Brazil, www.analiticanet.com.br/en/

On display will be:

Formacs HT/TNSkalar"s San++ continuous flow analyzer together with an autosampler (incl. integrated diluter) designated for Total Cyanide and Total Phenol analysis (incl. automated distillation).

The FormacsHT/TN TOC/TN analyzer with a stand-alone auto sampler.

CIA 2011 September 26-28

Technical University Berlin, Germany www.cia-conference.com

San++ Total Cyanide and PhenolThe following analyzer will be showed:

The San++ Total Cyanide and Phenol analyzer including automated distillation and autosampler.

LAB11 September 27-29

San++ and autosamplerBooth No. B04-42, Hall B, Lillestrom, Norway, www.messe.no/en/Lab-11

The following products will be presented:

San++ configured for Total UV div. P and N analysis together with an autosampler.

SP10 configured for BOD analysisSP10 robotic analyzer which can be configured for e.g. the cost effective analysis of st-COD according to ISO 15705, BOD analysis and pH/EC analysis.

FormacsHT/TN TOC/TN analyzer with a stand-alone auto sampler and additional Nitrogen Detector.

LABOREXPO October 5-6

Booth no. B11, Prague, Czech republic, www.laborexpo.cz

The FormacsHT/TN TOC/TN analyzer with a stand-alone auto sampler